Since 2013, mother-daughter teams have vied for the crown to become official My Princess and Me Royalty! This year, our teams are working hard to raise the most funds for the children of St. Peter-St. Joseph Children’s Home. Every dollar they raise through ticket sales, donation pledges, and fundraising events is worth one point toward the crown. This year’s group of compassionate, dedicated mothers and their precocious princesses are poised to make My Princess and Me 2016 a very successful event! Thank you to our Royal Court for your efforts and service to the children of St. PJ’s!

My Princess & Me
2017 Royal Court Members

2017 Team Vu
Mai Le-Vu and her daughters Annabella & Isabella

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Annabella & Isabella Vu, 5 & 2 years old, both like cooking and doing arts & crafts with their mom. They also like to go grocery shopping with mom and “most of all we love nap time and cuddling with mom.” They wanted to be part of the My Princess and Me Royal Court to help their mom raise money for the children at St. PJ’s and to learn to work hard. Annabella and Isabella believe that a princess should be kind and loving, they also wear pretty dresses and have beautiful hair. If they were real princesses they said they would “cook and bake cookies for everyone and have a big party and invite everyone to come.”

Mai Le-Vu believes the presence of strong female role models in her daughters’ lives is very important. She says, “Young girls in this day and age are heavily influenced by the media to define themselves and their worth by many external, superficial ideas—for example, how you look and how much you have. Strong Catholic mothers and women need to be recognized, so girls grow up understanding that their true beauty and worth is defined through their actions and decisions they make every day, by the life they lead and live.” Mai wanted to be part of the My Princess and Me Royal Court to share their time and talent to the community and help raise awareness and money for St. PJ’s. Mai explains, “I also want to teach my girls the importance of giving of ourselves in order to make the world a better place for all.”

Her favorite example of these strong women who inspire her calling to advocate and serve is St. Therese of Lisieux (the Little Flower). She is Mai’s patron saint and has always looked up to her. “Everything she did, including simple tasks, she did with love. Even though she passed away at an early age, she had a large impact on so many people. St. Therese’s life is a reminder to all of us, that God works through us each in his own way, and that even the little things, if done well and with love, can change our world.”

In their spare time Mai, Annabella and Isabella love to cook and try the different foods they make. They enjoy grocery shopping and visiting HEB Buddy at the end of their shopping trip. They “love to sing and dance, and definitely love to karaoke!” They love to learn by reading and playing board games and puzzles, doing arts & crafts and making floral arrangements and playing outside. They “also will take time to go to Adoration Chapel and spend time with Jesus, as well as going to Mass.”